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Business planning and governance

Effective business planning is made up of strategic planning - vision, strategy and objectives - and business planning - marketing, financial and operational plans for achieving objectives. These resources assist with development of strategic and business planning.  

Business planning resources

101 Business planning
Australian Taxation Office - starting your own business.

Australia Council for the Arts Marketing Summit 2015 – Cathedral Thinking
Be inspired by Rick Antonson’s talk about future planning.

Business Model Generation – Business Model Canvas
The Business Model Canvas is a tool you can use for developing new business models as part of your business planning strategy.

Proof of Concept Documentation (PDF)
This document provides prompt questions to assist in shaping a Proof of Concept which could form part of a business case.

Queensland Government – Preparing a business plan
A step-by-step guide to preparing your business plan including market research tools, business plan templates, financial spreadsheets and sample plans.

The Guardian – Business plans: tips for arts, culture and the creative industries
Experts and entrepreneurs share their ideas and strategies for developing a practical business plan for your arts business.

Tourism and Events Queensland Events Guide
The Queensland Events Guide is designed to assist organisers throughout an entire event project to ensure they are equipped to stage the best event possible.

Strategic planning resources

Australia Council – Strategic Planning Framework
A guide for strategic planning for arts and cultural organisations.

Museums Australia – Strategic Planning Manual
A strategic planning manual detailing the four phases of developing a strategic plan.

Program of Activities Template
A customisable spreadsheet to detail programming activities over a four-year period.

Reconciliation Australia
Resources, tools and templates for developing a reconciliation action plan.

Board governance and performance resources

Arts Acumen Resource Guide – Managing Arts Boards: understanding roles and responsibilities seminar 
Useful resources, guides and templates to assist with understanding and managing the roles and responsibilities of an arts board.

Australian Institute of Company Directors – Effective Board Reporting: Writing
Five tips for writing a board paper.

Governance Institute of Australia – Risk management for directors: A handbook
A handbook to guide the development of the integration of governance and risk management frameworks. Details required to download handbook.

Financial planning resources

Financial Template - 12 Month Cash Flow Template (XLSX) (36.9 KB)
A customisable cash flow spreadsheet to forecast incoming and outgoing expenses over a 12 month period.

Financial Template - 4 Year Budget Projection Tool (XLSX) (85.19 KB)
A customisable budget projection spreadsheet to forecast income and expenditure over a four-year period.

Communicating value

Bplans – The 11 Slides You Need to Have in Your Pitch Deck
The key components to include in a successful pitch to a potential investor or funding body.

Bplans – 9 Things That Take a Pitch From Good to Great
A list of key elements which can turn an ordinary pitch into a great presentation.  

TED Talk – How to speak so that people want to listen: Julian Treasure
A how-to talk about making a powerful presentation.   

TED Blog – A TED speaker coach shares 11 tips for right before you go on stage
Helpful tips to consider before giving a presentation.

Useful links

Australia Council
The Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body.

Board Connect
Dedicated to providing advice, support and skills development for non-profit boards.

Queensland Government Business and Industry Portal
Tools, resources and advice for starting, running and growing a business.