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Audience development


Arts Acumen - Tips for identifying community need and demand(PDF) (185.95 KB)
Top tips for assisting with identifying demand and developing a community consultation plan.

Australia Council for the Arts – Arts Facts
Statistics about Australian arts.

Australian Bureau of Statistics – Arts and Culture in Australia
An overview of Arts and Culture data in Australia.

Culture Hive – Audience Development Toolkit
A guide to understanding and developing your audience. 

DIY Creative Placemaking - A Guide to Engaging the Community in Your Project
A guide to defining, developing and monitoring a community consultation process.

DIY Toolkit – Target Group
Develop an understanding of your audience using the DIY audience needs template and instructional video.

Queensland Government - Engaging Queenslanders: an introduction to community engagement
An introductory guide to understanding effective community engagement practices.

The story of Edwin Z Ingleton, ice-creamillionaire
Watch this video to find out how having a marketing plan and strategy helped Edwin become an ice-creamillionaire.