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Sheree Kinlyside


Sheree Kinlyside is the director, designer and printer at Red Rag Press, North Queensland’s only fully equipped letterpress, etching and bookmaking studio.

Through investment from the Individuals Fund, Sheree undertook a six week residency program with Cork Printmakers in Cork, Ireland.

With the full use of Cork Printmakers’ workshops, artists and shared learnings at her disposal, Sheree produced a collection of six etchings as imagery for her artists’ book What Falls Away.

What Falls Away explores the connections between the treatment of the Irish under the influence of the British Imperial Government and the ensuing treatment of Aboriginal Australians during colonisation of Australia. With imagery and prose, What Falls Away refers to, and discloses, the collective lapse in memory in regard to many of the human-to-human atrocities committed during these times. All of this whilst telling the story of her own Irish family history.

The residency was crucial in developing skills and market development opportunities. Sheree increased knowledge in design, production and printing and developed networks and showcasing opportunities.


September to November 2015


Cork, Ireland.

Arts Queensland contribution

$6,607 – Individuals Fund (2015)


  • Sheree developed and expanded skills and knowledge in design, production and printing of photopolymer text plates as well as new digital skills developed as a result of collaboration with a typographer.

  • Sheree explored and experimented further with the use of permeable grounds to delineate texture on the flat printed surface.

  • The experience of the residency has renewed Sheree’s enthusiasm for printmaking and the ongoing challenge of depicting texture on a flat surface.

  • In partnership with two Irish artists, Dominic Fee an established printmaker and sculptor and Kate O’Shea a recent printmaking graduate of Limerick Art College, Sheree aims to develop a new exhibition with the working title A Feel for Ireland. This exhibition is proposed to tour to Umbrella Studio in Townsville as well as galleries in Cork, Limerick and possibly Dublin, Ireland.

  • Sheree’s book What Falls Away will be launched at the Umbrella Studio in early 2016

Learnings and reflections

As a solo artist Sheree valued the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other professional printmakers.

After years of working in isolation, this unique opportunity to meet and work alongside other professional level printmakers (majority of them younger than me) with similar ideas and interests, and different perspectives, not only amplified my enthusiasm for print and bookmaking, it reinforced my determination to make the kind of textural prints I am fascinated by, and it allowed me particular insights into my own attitudes and approaches. The shared space allowed me to observe others working in a completely different way i.e. planning, versus instinctive style of work. Meeting new artists who are interested in travel, working with similar subject material and media, played a large part in the development of a plan for an international group exhibition.

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