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The Channel Country Ladies Day is an annual event for women living in Queensland’s remote and regional areas. The event was established in 2012 in recognition of the everyday isolation in regional areas and the absence of social and cultural opportunities for women.

The event aims to build skills, provide access to, attract and increase participation in the arts for women. In collaboration with industry partners a suite of artistic practices, health services and agricultural information is delivered. 

The event program uses diverse creative arts to encourage participants to network and pursue their goals and aspirations and ultimately improve their emotional and social wellbeing.

The 2016 event was organised by Red Ridge (Interior Queensland) Ltd with the theme Inspiration in Isolation.


28 October - 30 October 2016


Betoota, Far West Queensland

Key stats

  • 200 attendees
  • 17 Queensland artists 
  • 20 volunteers

Arts Queensland contribution

$31,000: Queensland Arts Showcase Program - Impact


  • The event attracted new participants as well as appealing to repeat participants. Over 70 per cent of respondents were new to the event. 
  • Participants were provided with opportunities to connect, access health services and share positive experiences. 

It has been absolutely amazing. I now feel relaxed, good and really, really happy. It is nice to know that there are other women with the same experiences, problems as me.

I came by myself and had a great time. So pleased I jumped out of my comfort zone and came along feeling fresh and renewed. Highlight was meeting and talking to people.

  • The Culture Counts platform was able to collate data and produce meaningful statistics and evidence, providing Red Ridge with valuable evidence regarding the benefits of the event for future investment pitches. For further information about Red Ridge’s experience with Culture Counts read Red Ridge’s post published on the AQ blog.
  • Five short films were produced during the event. These will be used to promote the Channel Country Ladies Day as a major event that links the significance of art and health to support further partnerships.



Learnings and reflections

Louise Campbell from Red Ridge had the following reflection on the event:

The presentation of arts and health together as a main event is a combination that attracts greater participation as well as engages new participants in the arts.  By delivering multiple art workshops over a two-day event, significant outcomes can be achieved which include access to a selection of arts activities, engage new participation, reach a wider audience and deliver quality arts 

The Channel Ladies committee is already planning the next event and looking to further diversify the funding and sponsorship for the event.

Philanthropic support is a future opportunity and a crowd funding program has been launched, as well as a donation challenge where a private donor will match dollar for dollar any other private donation made to Red Ridge Foundation for the event.  

Negotiations are occurring to attract further support from health sector areas.  

Next time organisers will also look to expand the arts workshops where artists stay a week either side of the event and work with schools or wider community to produce a community art work.

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