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Contracts, insurance and copyright - knowing your legal rights and obligations

In this week's tip, we look at the legal issues artists and creative businesses need to consider.

As an artist or creative business, there are a range of legal issues you will need to be aware of including Copyright, Contracts and Insurance. The Arts Law Centre of Australia and the Australian Copyright Council provide excellent resources to help you understand these issues.

General Legal Issues

Arts Law Centre of Australia’s information sheets are an A-Z of legal issues related to the arts which include everything from contracts, auspicing agreements, filming in public places, public art commissioning and trademarks. 


You are likely to need a contract when booking a venue for a gig, accepting funding, undertaking project work or selling your creative products. Arts Law’s introduction to contracts will help you understand what they mean, when you need one, and what your responsibilities and rights are.

If you are hiring a space, putting on a gig, running a workshop or selling your creative product you will need insurance. Arts Law has developed this liability and insurance information sheet which includes information on the type of insurance you might need and has a list of arts related insurance providers.


The Australian Copyright Council has a range of information on protecting your creative work under copyright.



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