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Development of Creative Together


Creative Together and Sustain 2020-2022

Creative Together and the first action plan Sustain 2020-2022 were developed through extensive consultation with sector, other levels of government, key stakeholders and the Queensland public.

Initial consultation was held from October 2018 to April 2019 with the release of Creating Queensland’s Future: 10-Year Roadmap for the arts, cultural and creative sectorFurther targeted consultation was conducted in late 2019 and from March to June 2020, following the impact of COVID-19.

Participants told us about the importance of arts, culture and creativity in their lives, communities and in Queensland as well as the challenges Queenslanders face in engaging in creative experiences. We also heard feedback on how to better amplify the role arts, culture and creativity plays in Queensland’s future. Discussions with the Sector highlighted key challenges, relief measure requirements and new opportunities that have emerged in a post COVID-19 world.


A summary of what we heard:

  • Grow First Nations arts: Greater involvement of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people in leading strategy and more focus on sustaining and growing First Nations arts industries across Queensland
  • Foster partnerships with other sector: Support and access to cross-sector partnerships that leverage the arts to address issues in other sectors including health, mental health, tourism, communities and ageing
  • More creative opportunities: Access to more creative opportunities for Queensland children and young people including arts in education
  • Share our stories:Invest and present stories and cultural product that reflect all Queenslanders and their experiences
  • Preserve heritage assets: Greater support to Queensland’s heritage assets which play an important role in creating community identity and attracting visitors
  • More opportunities in regions: Increase opportunities in regional communities to engage with the arts as audience members and participants
  • Strengthen capability: Strengthen the capability of Queensland’s sector to adapt and change, develop career opportunities and pathways in the state, access affordable spaces and build sustainable businesses
  • Advocate: Promote and advocate the value of arts, culture and creativity more broadly.


Grow 2022-2026

The development of Creative Together’s second action plan, Grow 2022-2026 was informed by targeted consultation with stakeholders and input from Queensland Government agencies.

Conducted between September 2021 to May 2022, consultation included meetings, written submissions, First Nations forums, a ministerial roundtable and an online survey.


A summary of what we heard:

  • First Nations arts: Continue to support First Nations-led programs which strengthen First Nation arts and build cultural safety
  • Cultural workforce: Invest in the next generation of artists and artworkers through a long-term strategy which supports professional development opportunities and reduces critical skill gaps
  • Cultural spaces and places: Support physical and online cultural spaces and places which enable the development, production, presentation and engagement in and of arts and culture
  • Regional arts: Support and develop regional capacity building and local project delivery in and with regional communities
  • Arts-led social: Foster opportunities to connect the arts sector with industries and sectors such as health and wellbeing, youth services and communities to deliver locally-led social projects across Queensland
  • Investment and support: Streamline investment programs for applications and outcome reporting
  • Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Ensure Queensland arts and organisations are central to the forward planning and programming of Brisbane 2032, with a focus on First Nations arts and cultures and artists with a disability.