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Expression of Interest - First Nations Arts and Culture Panel

Expressions of Interest for the First Nations Arts and Culture panel (2023) have now closed.

Arts Queensland seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals with connection to and knowledge of First Nations arts and cultures to join the First Nations Arts and Cultures Panel (the Panel).

About the Panel

The Panel was established in 2021 to strengthen the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the future of arts, culture and creativity in Queensland, with a focus on co-design and meaningful representation and engagement.

The Panel works closely with Arts Queensland to support the implementation of the Queensland Government’s Creative Together 2020-2030: A 10 Year Roadmap for arts, culture and creativity in Queensland, and the development of First Nations specific policy and programs.

Since its establishment the Panel has been a driving force behind a number of significant achievements:

  • developed the Cultural Engagement Framework to inform and guide respectful engagement with First Nations peoples, organisations and communities in the development and presentation of arts and cultural work
  • implemented a new approach to peer assessors to review and advise on arts funding applications, ensuring 50% First Nations representation on all Arts Queensland funding programs, and 100% First Nations representation on all dedicated First Nations funding programs and initiatives
  • informed the guidelines for the First Nations Commissioning Fund

Moving forward, the Panel will also help inform the role of arts to support Treaty, truth telling and healing.

The Panel will strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices to government, reflecting the principles of self-determination and respect for Indigenous cultures. These principles are embedded in the Queensland Government’s Path to Treaty commitment and vision to building a reframed relationship that achieves equity though excellence for the First Nations peoples of Queensland.

What skills and expertise do we need?

Through this EOI process, Arts Queensland is seeking First Nations arts and cultures practitioners and knowledge holders from regional and remote locations including residents living in discrete and remote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities to consider nominating to be on the panel.

To complement the existing skills and knowledge of the current panel membership, and to increase diversity and representation from across the sector, Arts Queensland particularly seeks EOIs from First Nations persons with expertise in the following:

  • First Languages practice
  • performing arts including music
  • writing
  • contemporary Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait Islander) perspectives
  • First Nations male-specific gender issues influencing the participation of boys, men and male Elders in arts and culture.


Candidates must be Australian First Nations individuals with:

  • recent experience in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander arts and cultures, creative business, tourism, education and/or heritage
  • trusted networks, which can be drawn on to provide advice on cultural protocols, cultural governance and cultural business, as appropriate
  • the authority to provide advice, input and feedback on the needs, issues and interests of the First Nations arts and cultural sector
  • a commitment to informing strategies and funding programs to sustain and grow the First Nations creative sectors in Queensland

To be eligible you must:

  • be an Indigenous person of Aboriginal Australia’s First Nations and/or Zenadth Kes buaigiz
  • be based in Queensland
  • have capacity to commit to a 12-month agreement with Arts Queensland for 4-6 face to face and/or virtual meetings
  • have satisfied the reporting requirements of any Arts Queensland funding
  • not be a current or former Arts Queensland employee who ceased employment in the last six months.

Submitting an EOI

Submissions should include:

  • a statement about your relevant experience in relation to the information provided above
  • any applicable attachments that show your experience (resume, links to bio, video).
Expressions of Interest for the First Nations Arts and Culture panel (2023) have now closed.

Additional information

Arts Queensland may in its sole and absolute discretion:

  1. Negotiate with any interested party on any of the terms in which case:
    1. Arts Queensland need not inform any other interested parties of those negotiations or any changes to terms; and
    2. Those negotiations do not constitute a counteroffer and an EOI remains valid and can be accepted by Arts Queensland despite those negotiations.
  2.  Accept any EOI.
  3. Make enquiries in relation to any Interested Party.
  4. Withdraw the offer at any time.
  5. Extend the closing date for acceptance of EOI’s.


An interested party must not disclose or permit to be disclosed any information provided or obtained by the interested party in relation to the EOI that is not generally available or is not required to be disclosed by law.

Successful applications

Successful applicants will be advised by phone and in writing by the end of August 2023. 


Panel members will be remunerated according to the schedule of fees as outlined in Section 4 of the Arts Queensland Peer Assessors Handbook (PDF, 882KB)

General enquiries

Enquiries related to the First Nations Arts and Cultures Panel EOI process should be directed to:
Stephen Smith, Strategy Manager, First Nations Engagement
Phone: 07 3034 4029