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First Nations Arts and Cultures Panel

About the Panel

The First Nations Arts and Cultures Panel (the Panel) has been established to amplify the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the future of arts, culture and creativity in Queensland, with a focus on meaningful representation and engagement. 

The Panel will play a significant role in advising Arts Queensland on the necessary actions to realise these priorities by: 

  • informing the development of programs and strategies, and identifying opportunities that build sustainable and ethical Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts industries
  • reviewing data to evaluate the success of programs and policies 
  • providing appropriate cultural advice on recommendations for Arts Queensland initiatives
  • developing and providing feedback on existing arts and cultural strategies and programs that support or include First Nations activities; including the appropriateness of Arts Queensland investment systems and processes 
  • supporting and informing the assessment of dedicated First Nations funding programs where required
  • reviewing current First Nations arts funding programs particularly assessing cultural appropriateness.

The Panel is a key action of Sustain 2020-2022, the first action plan of Creative Together 2020-2030: A 10-Year Roadmap for arts, culture and creativity in Queensland.

The Panel consists of the following members:

  • Georgina Richters (Chair)
  • Dr Bianca Beetson
  • Cameron Costello
  • Julie-ann Lambourne 
  • Michelle Tuahine
  • Robert McLellan
  • Yolande Brown
  • Nancy Bamaga
  • Jillian Bowie
  • Raymond Blanco
  • Dean Gibson


In November 2020, Arts Queensland called for Expressions of Interest from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals living in all parts of Queensland, who have connection to and knowledge of First Nations arts and cultures, and creative industries to form a First Nations Arts and Cultures Panel.

Ten panellists were selected by an independent procurement panel, comprising three First Nations representatives, from a pool of 18 applications received through the EOI process. FNACP members from March 2021 to March 2022 were: Georgina Richters (Chair) - Luritja, Dr Bianca Beetson – Kabi Kabi, Waradjuri, Yolande Brown – Bidjara, Cameron Costello – Quandamooka, Dr Fiona Foley – Badtjala, Julie-Ann Lambourne – Torres Strait Islander of Mabuiag and Darnley island descent, Emma Loban – Kulkalgal, Meriam and Wuthathi, Robert McLellan – Gooreng Gooreng, Stephanie Parkin – Quandamooka of Minjerribah and Yvette Walker – descendent of the Waanyi people of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Panel members are selected to ensure a breadth and depth of experience across art form, geographic location, age and gender diversity where possible.


Terms of Reference

The Panel's Terms of Reference (PDF) (405.16 KB)   outlines the roles, responsibilities, composition and operating guidelines of the the Panel in accordance with the requirements of Arts Queensland.


A communique of the Panel’s meetings are published after each meeting. See below:


22 March 2024 communique (PDF) (312.96 KB)


3 November 2023 communique (PDF) (390 KB)

4 August 2023 communique (PDF) (390.22 KB)  

28 April 2023 communique (PDF) (391.32 KB)   

24 February 2023 communique  (DOCX) (441.42 KB)  


2 December 2022 communique (PDF) (369.41 KB)  

2 September 2022 communique (DOCX) (440.35 KB)

24 June 2022 communique (DOCX) (446.17 KB) 

25 February 2022 communique (DOCX) (445.76 KB)


1 December 2021 communique (PDF) (322.2 KB) text only (DOCX) (97.86 KB)

22 October 2021 communique (PDF) (772.95 KB) text only (DOCX) (96.97 KB)

17 September 2021 communique (PDF) (381.14 KB) text only (DOCX) (441.45 KB)

6 August 2021 communique (PDF) (772.22 KB) text only (DOCX) (438.5 KB)

18 June 2021 communique (PDF) (714.79 KB) text only (DOCX) (439.54 KB)

28 May 2021 communique (PDF) (786.65 KB) text only (DOCX) (431.44 KB)

16 April 2021 communique  (PDF) (777.57 KB) text only (DOCX) (96.4 KB)

17 March 2021 communique (PDF) (767.19 KB) text only (DOCX) (96.03 KB)


Should you have any questions regarding the Panel or would like to contact the Panel, please contact the Panel Secretariat, Arts Queensland at