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Queensland Cultural Centre Conservation Management Plan

The heritage values of the Queensland Cultural Centre (QCC) are protected under a Conservation Management Plan (CMP).

The plan identifies the significant heritage and architectural elements of the Cultural Centre, at South Brisbane, and sets out policies and guidelines on how any maintenance, alterations or additions should be managed.

Arts Queensland commissioned the CMP to provide a framework to understand and manage the Cultural Centre’s heritage values, guide future planning, and ensure it thrives and adapts into the future. Under the CMP, specialist advice will be sought to review any work planned for the site relating to its architecture or landscape, including maintenance or alterations that may impact on its heritage significance, in line with CMP guidelines.

The Heritage listed Cultural Centre

The original buildings of the Cultural Centre were heritage listed in 2015.

This includes the buildings and integrated landscape, designed by the late Robin Gibson AO, for the Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Museum, Queensland Performing Arts Centre and The Edge managed by the State Library of Queensland.

The Cultural Centre was initially developed in stages between 1976 and 1988, with construction costing more than $200 million at the time. A fifth stage, The Playhouse Theatre, was completed in 1998. This was followed by the redevelopment of the State Library and the opening of the Gallery of Modern Art in 2006.

Since the opening of the Queensland Art Gallery in 1982, the Cultural Centre has evolved into the arts and culture centrepiece of the state – a place to discover, preserve and share Queensland’s natural and cultural heritage.

The buildings and landscaping within the Cultural Centre are considered an exceptional example of late 20th century International Style architecture.

Development of the CMP

The CMP was developed by a team of specialist heritage consultants led by Brisbane-based architectural practice Conrad Gargett, in consultation with the Queensland Premier’s Cultural Centre Design and Heritage Roundtable.

Members of this Roundtable were:

  • Malcolm Middleton OAM (Chair) in his capacity as Queensland Government Architect;
  • Landscape Architect and former South Bank Corporation Chair Dr Catherin Bull AM;
  • Architects Kristina Gibson (daughter of the late Robin Gibson AO), Professor Kerry Clare and Elizabeth Watson-Brown;
  • Former QUT Vice-Chancellor and former Heritage Council Chair Peter Coaldrake AO;
  • Barrister and former Queensland Arts Minister, the Honourable Matt Foley.

An extensive consultation process engaged the cultural institutions within the Centre, key industry body Australian Institute of Architects, professional organisations, other key stakeholders and the broader community. 

The CMP is available for download here: Queensland-Cultural-Centre-Conservation-Management-Plan.PDF (PDF) (16.68 MB)

An overview of the CMP is provided here: Cultural-Centre-CMP-overview.pdf (PDF) (4.0 MB)

Cultural Centre heritage boundary diagram

This diagram is for illustrative purposes only. 

Cultural Precinct heritage boundary diagram, including the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Cultural Forecourt, Queensland Museum South Bank (and Sciencecentre), Queensland Art Gallery and The Edge. Diagram is for illustrative purposes only