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Arts Queensland is proud to partner with Queensland's arts sector to deliver initiatives that support the state's musicians.

Billy Thorpe Scholarship

Arts Queensland's Billy Thorpe Scholarship is designed to help develop the future of Australian rock and roll, and is named in honour of the late Queensland rock musician Billy Thorpe. The $10,000 Scholarship offers structured support to an emerging contemporary musician or band to help establish their professional career through career planning and advice, as well as the opportunity to record with a local producer. Applicants must be Queensland based and be at least 18 years old, and must be in the development stage of their music career. There is no maximum age but older applicants would need to clearly demonstrate their early career status. Billy Thorpe spent his formative years in Brisbane and made an enormous contribution to the Australian and global rock and roll industry over five decades of performing, writing and producing. As such, this Scholarship may prioritise the rock music genre when considering applications. The Scholarship is funded by Arts Queensland and administered by QMusic.

To enquire about the scholarship please contact QMusic on 3257 0013 or 

Scholarship recipients:

2023 NEISH Music | 2022 Cloe Terare | 2021 Beckah Amani | 2020 Harry Phillips | 2019 Pool Shop (Jaimee Fryer) | 2018 Greta Stanley | 2017 Ash Kerley | 2016 Luke Daniel Peacock | 2015 Ayla | 2013 Jeremy Neale | 2012 Astrid and The Asteroids | 2011 Sam Hales | 2010 Andrew Redford | 2009 Alan Boyle | 2008 Michael Gavriel

Carol Lloyd Award

The Carol Lloyd Award, established in honour of Australia’s first ‘Rock Chick’ Carol Lloyd, is presented to an emerging female identifying singer-songwriter, who currently resides in Queensland with a $10,00 prize. This award will give recipients a head start in their career, the means to broaden their experience within the music industry, and help them to realise their goals as an emerging artist.

The Carol Lloyd Award is supported by Arts Queensland.

Award recipients:

2023 Platonic Sex | 2020 Hope D | 2019 Sahara Beck | 2018 Leanne Tennant | 2017 Georgia Potter (Moreton)

Grant McLennan Fellowship

The $15,000 Grant McLennan Fellowship was established to honour the late Queensland singer-songwriter Grant McLennan, and offers a songwriter or songwriting duo the opportunity to travel overseas to further develop their skills and career. Grant McLennan was one of Australia's greatest songwriters and was a founding member of the globally successful 1970's Brisbane band The Go-Betweens, known for their hit song Streets of Your Town

The Grant McLennan Fellowship is funded by Arts Queensland and administered by QMusic. Applicants must be Queensland based and at least 21 years old. To enquire about the Grant McLennan Fellowship please contact QMusic on 3257 0013 or Due to the impact of COVID-19, the Grant McLennan Fellowship has been suspended.

Fellowship recipients

2023 Sahara Beck | 2020 - postponed | 2019 Jack Bratt | 2018 Danny Harley (The Kite String Tangle) | 2017 Jeremy Neale | 2016 Hannah Macklin (MKO Sun)  | 2015 Tim Steward | 2014 Thomas Calder | 2013 Seja Vogel | 2012 Louise O'Reilly and Paul Hannan | 2011 Scott Spark | 2010 Danny Widdicombe and Andrew Morris | 2009 Helen Franzmann (McKisko) | 2008 John Busby and Chris Dale | 2007 Greg Charles