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Bundaberg photographer Sabrina Lauriston presents solo exhibition for International Women’s Day

Regional Arts Development Fund supports local arts and artists in Bundaberg region.



Bundaberg photographer Sabrina Lauriston’s exhibition, I am Woman, explores the lives of the region’s local women.

“I am Woman, a photographic project, is a reflection of what women have become today as the result of the rights won from the battles of the suffragettes of past generations,” Sabrina said.

“Women today live with those rights but strive for different needs and dreams.”

Choosing 14 women to be the subjects of the exhibition was a tough job for Sabrina.

“I have used 14 Bundaberg women as a sample, but there were hundreds and hundreds of women that could tell their stories.

“Each of them of a different age and have a different background – from a doctor in a hospital, a student, an artist, one with a PHD, a mum and even a drag queen who shares her right to feel like a woman.”

I am Woman exhibition is one of 16 artistic initiatives in the Bundaberg region supported in 2021with more than $123,000 through the Regional Arts Development Fund.

When and where

I am Woman - open International Women’s Day (8 March) 2022 in the School of Arts building,

Key stats

  • 16 artistic initiatives funded in Bundaberg in 2021 through the Regional Arts Development Fund
  • Supported 36 artists/arts workers
  • 503 participants
  • Total number of attendees 4025
  • Total number of volunteers 91

Arts Queensland investment 

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a long-term partnership between the Queensland Government and local governments to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. 

In 2021 – 2022, the Queensland Government provided funding of $45,000 to Bundaberg Regional Council for RADF.

The Arts Queensland partnership between Bundaberg Regional Council and the Queensland Government helped fund 16 quality arts and cultural experiences with RADF grants totalling $123,857 in 2021.

Of the 16 RADF grants, six were Quick Response Grants which provided up to $2000 to an individual project.



2021 RADF funded projects in Bundaberg included:

Art as an Act of Optimism Projects (COVID recovery response) (council initiated)

  • Summer School - Dead Puppet Society
  • Summer School - Simon de Groot
  • Summer School - Team Snipz
  • Summer School - Cluster Arts

City of Bundaberg Drum Corps - Drum Corps 65th Anniversary (short documentary)

As part of the 65th Anniversary of the City of Bundaberg Drum Corps, we wish to create a documentary celebrating the Corps' achievements, its members past and present, and its long association with the Bundaberg region.

Creative Regions – Dancing In The Rainbow (RADF Open Round)

Dancing In The Rainbow - Bundaberg’s LGBTQIA+ youth community delivered a colourful and real performance for the Dancing in the Rainbow production featuring “singing, dancing, drag queens and more. Dancing In The Rainbow is a socially-engaged theatre production with a narrative that will be driven by LGBTQI youth members of our community.

CQ University - Collaborative Regions Program (council initiated)

To support the development of the arts industry across the Wide Bay and Burnett region. Collaborating on arts development projects, leveraging further funding opportunities and working together to find cost efficiencies in arts delivery. Develop a Touring Circuit to Wide Bay and Burnett venues. Providing valuable employment and career development opportunities to artists and art workers as well as providing unique and original performances to their regional audiences.

CQ RASN - Shine Bright Festival (council initiated)

The festival will shine a spotlight on regional talent through a curated program of events. Communities will shine through a program of events including live performance, exhibitions, animated projected artworks, open studios, workshops and more. This funding is carried over from the 2019-20 FY which was committed to arts sector recovery.

Regeneration of a New Generation – Art Camp (council initiated)

To provide opportunity for senior high school art students and their teachers to work with an industry-based artist. Artist, Nancy Brown, was engaged for a week of workshops for local secondary school visual art students. Nancy was sourced through Flying arts Alliance By Request program. All of the local high schools were approached, and seven schools registered their interest. Six schools were able to participate in the workshops. Each school attended a one-day workshop, held at Central Queensland University, Bundaberg campus. This project aimed to provide links between the schools, Central Queensland University, the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and industry-based artist.

Kyra Mancktelow – Artist in Residence (council initiated)

Kyra Mancktelow is a Quandamooka woman with links to Mardigan, Kabi Kabi and South Sea Islander peoples.  Heritage and family are central to her practice and printmaking and sculpture feature prominently.  Kyra engaged in an Artist In Residency with Bundaberg Regional Galleries, alongside her exhibition ‘Sitting Down Place’ to engage with Traditional Owner groups to tell a traditional story through the creation of an artwork for the Gallery collection.

Quick Response Grants (up to $2000)

  • Paul Perry’s Dugg'un: Rainbow Water Snake Mosaic project
  • Samantha Ephraims – Summer School (professional development)            
  • Judith Stutchbury – Hatch (children’s chapter book)            
  • Hannah Reed – Cultural Dance (professional development)
  • Di Wills - Volunteer Number 7 (creative/concept development/theatre)
  • Sabrina Lauriston - I am Woman (photographic)

Of the 16 RADF grants, six were Quick Response Grants which provided up to $2000 to an individual project.

  • Provide social contributions to the wider community
  • Promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage in a diverse and inclusive community.
  • RADF complements the Bundaberg Region Arts+Culture Strategy 2019-2023, which provides an overarching vision and direction for the delivery of Bundaberg Regional Council’s arts and cultural facilities, programs and services.


Learnings and reflections

Living in the Bundaberg region after moving from Italy 15 years ago, Sabrina said she was grateful for the opportunities that allowed her to create such artistic exhibitions.

“This exhibition is a bit of change for me, I do a lot of black and white photography, but this is a celebration of colours.”

“As a storyteller, I have done a few projects in recent years on the subject of people and immigrants. These kinds of projects have always enriched me as a human being and, of course, artistically.”

“There is no need to look around, searching for particular people.  In these years I have learnt that everyone has a story to tell; something you can learn from. We only have to stop and listen.”

Sabrina Lauriston’s RADF grant helped with exhibition expenses such as prints and installation.


What next?

Sabrina Lauriston is aiming to present I am Woman at other galleries.


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